About Rhyme

Feather quill and inkwell on an old paper

The blog Rhyme is aimed at creating a collection of the best rhyming poems that the English language owns, to share them with lots of readers all over the world, to celebrate and promote rhyming poetry.

The blog also seeks to discover in modern poets something that due to the predominance of free verse seems almost extinct: a rare talent for rhyming poetry. Something that is present in the work of George Byron, John Keats and Robert Frost, for example.

I encourage the readers to send me their poems or the poems of other people that they consider great or good. Good rhyming poems are also a rarity nowadays. The main goal of Rhyme is to encourage poets to write with rhyme and rhythm. It may not be easy, but it’s totally worth the effort.

E-mail for submissions: rhyme.blog@gmail.com

Here’s what you can read on Rhyme:

Poems (the best ones), sometimes with the info about the author or my thoughts about the poem. There are also several sections: Love, Gem (the absolute perfection of a poem), Nature, Philosophy, Humor, Epigram, Limerick.

Interesting facts about poems and poets.

Think pieces about poetry.

Interviews with modern poets who write with rhyme.

Tips on how to write rhyming poetry.

The blog Rhyme is managed by a poet Victoria Lugovskaya. You can read my poetry here.