Gem. From “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”

These lines open the section “Gem” where I’m going to publish verses (4 to 12 lines) that, to my mind, are absolute pefection of rhyming poetry. These are from Canto The First of Byron’s famous work. Even taken out from the context, they can be read as a complete poem.

Childe Harold had a mother – not forgot,
Though parting from that mother he did shun;
A sister whom he loved, but saw her not
Before his weary pilgrimage begun:
If friends he had, he bade adieu to none.
Yet deem not thence his breast a breast of steel;
Ye, who have known what ’tis to dote upon
A few dear objects, will in sadness feel
Such partings break the heart they fondly hope to heal.

Please post in the comments your favorite rhyming lines, the gems of poetry – not more than 12 lines.




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