Wood in the Rain

My hair is barely wet
At all
And yet
The rain did fall
As I stood
In yonder wood.

The yammer
Of a hammer
Reached my ear,
While the birds free
Sang to me
As I touched the flowers
That know not hours.

Kevin Morris opens our section Modern Poet. The poem is copyright and has been reproduced with the author’s permission.

Kevin Morris was born in Liverpool (UK) in 1969. He lost the majority of his eyesight at 18-months-old due to a blood clot. He is a Braille user and an avid reader of poetry. In 1994 Kevin moved to London where he now lives and works. He began writing poetry in 2012. Much of Kevin Morris’ poetry is inspired by the environment. He lives close to an historic park in the Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace area (a suburb of London). Upper Norwood derives its name from the Great North Wood and remains one of the greenest parts of greater London.

Kevin’s forthcoming collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind and Other Poems”, will be published in June 2017, in both print and e-book formats.




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